Camera Colour Features v’s Photoshop

playground ride full color cameraMy camera has an option to change the colour settings of the camera to full colour, black & white or sepia. So I went out to give them a try as I have’nt used them before. These three photographs are the result. It was a dull day and it was raining so I picked a subject that was full of colour to give greater contrast.

playground ride black and white cameraI used to sometimes shoot in black and white film on my old camera so it’s nice to be able to just flick between the two (colour and black and white) whenever I feel like it.

playground ride sepia cameraAlthough the detail is good I don’t think I would shoot a lot in sepia unless for a specific need.

But if shooting in black and white or sepia solely and not using colour for that subject then there is no turning back.

Once you get home you can’t add the colour again so it’s something to think about.

But you can always shoot in colour (as well) and then change it later in Photoshop, or is that cheating!

playground ride full color macPhotoshop

These next three photographs have been produced in Photoshop Elements, the black and white and sepia anyway. So you can compare the two sets of photographs.

The full colour photograph is in RGB colour.

playground ride black and white macThe black and white one has had the colour removed in the colour adjustment palette.

playground ride sepia macAnd the sepia one has been created in the colour adjustment palette by adding blue and red.

If you were comparing all six photographs together I don’t think you could guess which was which if you didn’t know beforehand. The first three look a little sharper but that could be the subject, to properly compare I should have used the same photo but I thought that would look a little monotonous.

So I think it’s down to a question of taste – camera or Photoshop (whichever version you prefer). I think I would choose photoshop because it gives a bit more flexibility, but that’s easy to say as I have used it a lot.

But one thing I will say is the Photoshop Elements produced photos uploaded to my blog a lot quicker than the ones that were produced on the camera.


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