Calumet Going Strong After 70 Years!

Calumet celebrates 70 years in business

I went to the Manchester Calumet tradeshow last thursday to celebrate 70 years of Calumet Photographic. I really enjoyed the day, not least for the goody bag that I received for being one of the first 100 visitors through the door. Or for the free sensor cleaning that they were offering. But also for the range of support that they could offer.

I liked the sound of the seminars and workshops that they run. Which appeal not only because of the subjects available. But also because of the hands on experience and the chance to meet like minded photographers.

I also enjoyed the day because it reminded me how good it is to go to a proper photography shop. And not just shop online all the time. Shopping online is convenient and quick when I know what I want. But there is nothing like going along to my local photography shop to have a good look around and try out what I’m looking at buying. Not to mention the chance to chat face to face with the staff. As opposed to the rather more impersonal chat via email online.

Obviously Calumet had their staff on hand during the day to help give advice and answer any questions. But there were also reps from Nikon, Canon, Sony, Lowepro, The Societies, Bowen, Hasselblad and Epson to name but a few. This was a great opportunity to pick their brains a little and try out the new gear.

For me The Societies, which is a growing worldwide association for the professional photographer, was the most interesting of the trade stands. Because I’d never heard of them before and what they can offer their members. And in this current climate it’s good to know that there’s a dedicated society to helping the professional photographer get the most out of their business.

So don’t forget your local photography store next time you’re looking for something. They may have more to offer than you think!


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