Blickling Hall

Blickling Hall, Norfolk…

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This is a shot of Blickling Hall in Norfolk, it was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn (Henry VIII 2nd wife).

I used to go on holiday to Norfolk all the time when I was little, my Mums family come from there and we visited Blickling a couple of times. It’s a lovely peaceful tranquil place set in the countryside. I hadn’t been back since I was young, until last year.

It brought back some wonderful childhood memories….

I was actually standing in the moat when I took this shot – really glad it’s not full of water anymore….

And you can only get down there via some very old steps that are extremely well hidden in the bushes. I remember finding them when I was little and running around the moat with my sister!

What I loved was that they were still there last year, and after 25 years I could still remember where they were!!!

So I introduced my children to them – and showed them the best way to run around the moat…

So I just had to take a photo from down there.

I love photos! And I especially love the way they capture that moment in time, that memory, so well and so vividly…

I now have 2 great memories of this place. One when I was a kid and one with my kids, and that’s wonderful.



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