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The Best Tips for Taking Photos in the Snow!

Taking photos in the snow

It’s that time of year again…..

Snow is beautiful, it’s lovely to look at…

It changes everything covering it in a blanket of white… it gives a whole different look to the world we know.

But what about if you want to take a photo of it?  Here’s some things to look out for when taking photos in the snow:

What to prepare for

First off, although beautiful to look at, the reality is that snow is cold and wet! – there I said it!frozen berries

Cameras do not like the cold and wet….. (and neither do I).

So you keep the camera warm then?…. No!

Warm and Cold – Remember if you wear glasses and go from warm to cold your glasses steam up? Yes? Well the same thing will happen to your camera as well and that’s very bad! So instead of next to you in the car with the heater on full, put it in the boot where it wont be as hot.

Batteries – You’ll most likely realise that you seem to be going through a lot of batteries? Cold drains batteries a lot faster than usual so take plenty of spares…. now these you can keep warm! Put them in your inside pockets. I know, just to confuse you hey!

But make sure you don’t get these two tips mixed up or you could be in a whole heap of trouble!

Weather – It may seem completely obvious but watch the weather! Snow and ice are dangerous and slippy. If you’re out in the sticks then the weather can close in pretty quick. Check the weather reports before you leave, tell someone where you are going and stay safe!

Stay Warm – Wrap up warm and watch where you are walking. If you don’t know the area, then under the snow can be very different than what it looks like on the top. I know of someone once whose foot disappeared down a hole that they didn’t know was there and broke their ankle?!

After saying all that I just want to say that I do love taking photos in the snow…

Shooting techniques

Bright – snow is white and very bright at times and it can trick your camera. Say for instance if your white balance isn’t set properly then it can frozen railingmake the snow look a little blue? So you could set the white balance for your camera?

RAW – Or if you have it available on your camera then shoot in RAW and any little mistakes can be rectified later.

But to keep things simple, (which I like) you can close the aperture down to let less light into the camera. A large F number like F16. Or use the exposure compensation feature (that is a way to lower the exposure without moving the F stop) to capture the detail.


Sports – snow is great for sports, even the sport of snowball fighting. So whether you are trying to capture skiers or snowboarders, or your family whacking heck out of each other with snowballs…. You’ll be wanting to shoot in shutter priority and at a fast shutter speed. At least 1/1000 sec or above to catch them in the act… I mean……freeze the action! (no pun intended!)

Do you have any more tips for taking photos in the snow? Add them below in the comments…

So at this point I think it’d be a good time to go home and get warm, I’m starting to feel cold! 😉


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