Albert Dock window reflection

Albert Dock Window Reflection

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This shot was taken in Albert Dock in Liverpool, and the window is part of a restaurant. Nice view while having your lunch hey?

Same as with the Lighthouse Reflection. I took both of these shots a while back with a very cheap point and shoot.

And while I talk a lot about DSLR’s and tips for shooting better photos with them. I also like looking back at some of my old shots from the pre-DSLR days. Because it reminds me that it’s not always important what camera you are shooting with!

You can learn a lot of lessons when you haven’t got lots of modes and settings and dials to fiddle with. Just focus (ha! I know bad joke…) on plain old composition and focal points. And you can come up with some super results no matter what camera you use.

I came across this reflection while walking around Albert Dock with the family looking for somewhere to eat.

It was one of those times when I noticed the reflection as I was walking by. I stopped dead in my tracks and said wait a minute… backed up and thought that’s interesting!

After moving around a little I managed to get the salt and pepper lined up with the reflection of the pillar, so you could see them. And then I just had to be patient till I got a gap in the crowds to take the shot.

…Then run to catch up with the family….

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