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How The Photographer Blog can help you improve your photography

Are you new to using DSLR’s in your photography?

Are you a beginner looking for a good resource?

Do you have trouble finding the information that you need?

The Photographer Blog is here to help you – DSLR beginners, learn how to improve your photography with easy to digest DSLR tips. Also to help you understand your camera better so you can take better photos. But most of all to help you to enjoy your photography, challenge yourself and try new things.

A DSLR camera gives you endless possibilities for your photography, and The Photographer Blog will help you do just that and take it to the next level.

With easy to digest DLSR Tips given in a down to earth, direct way.

Learn how to choose the best camera for you, and understand your cameras functions better. Get tips for shooting, composition and post processing and learn how to find inspiration all around you.

Sound like what you need?

About Mandy Jones?

Mandy lakesI am the creator and editor of The Photographer Blog, and I have been interested in photography and cameras for as long as I can remember. What can I say I love gadgets!

A couple of years ago I decided I wanted to take my love of photography to the next level. So I bought myself  a DSLR, a Canon 450D (XSi) and set about developing my skills and learning more about it.

While I found a great wealth of information and tutorials out there for digital photography. It was hard to find that beginner information that can easily get passed over and forgotten (albeit unintentionally) the more experienced a photographer becomes.

That’s why I started The Photographer Blog, to fill that gap…

I have a passion for taking photographs and looking at them. They capture that instant moment in time so well.

And I like to share that with you too. It’s not just about taking photographs. Photography is a journey and you’ll learn a lot along the way – I know I have! Join me on my journey with digital photography, share what you’ve learned, and lets enjoy each others photography.

But most importantly… Have Fun!

Don’t leave your photographs sitting on a hard drive gathering digital dust, put your greatest triumphs on your wall, make a photobook, load them on a photo sharing site, but most of all enjoy them…

Connect with me:

If you have any questions then feel free to contact me by email: media3a[at] and if you found any of this useful or just enjoyed the site then please share it with everyone, by whatever social media is your cup of tea…

Twitter: @Mandy73

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Thanks and Enjoy!