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7 Reasons to Upgrade to a DSLR

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Want to upgrade your camera

I want to upgrade my point and shoot camera a Traveler DC-5080. I’ve always known that if I decided to upgrade then I wanted to upgrade to a DSLR rather than another point and shoot. But I also want to share why I want to do this, and without further a do here are my reasons:

1. More freedom for image creation

The choice of manual settings on a DSLR are huge and what you can do with them are almost limitless. They just beg to be exerimented with. So this will be a challenge because I have never used manual settings before, which means I will be able to learn and expand my knowledge of cameras.

2. A wide range of lenses

Similar to the first reason, the ability to change lenses is a really big feature of DSLR’s. Some manufacturers have over 40 lenses to choose from. All with specific uses from macro to telephoto zoom lenses. The range of prime and zoom lens are wide ranging but also so are the prices.

3. High quality images especially in low light

Although point and shoot cameras can now rival DSLR’s for high megapixels values, they use smaller image sensors than DSLR’s do, while still trying to fit the same amount of pixels on the sensor. So they consequently have smaller pixels to be able to fit them all on the sensor. So this means that DSLR’s have better image quality because of there larger image sensors and therefore larger pixels.

4. Speed no delay

DSLR’s have no shutter lag due to having a mechanical shutter which opens immediately the image is taken, whereas point and shoot cameras have no shutter. The image sensor is activated electronically whenever an image is taken, this method is not as quick as the mechanical method and therefore there is a slight lag when taking a photograph with a point and shoot.

5. Depth of Field

This is the ability to focus on the foreground of a photograph while the background is blurred, and out of focus. This is an effect that can only be created with a DSLR camera, and gives the opportunity to take more creative photographs.

6. Reflex viewfinder

This means that what you see through the viewfinder is what you get when you take the photograph. Which means there’s no cropping of what you see through the viewfinder, giving a clear view of what you are taking in the image, and how it is composed and focused.

7. Price

This might seem a strange reason as DSLR’s are more expensive than point and shoots, but they have really come down in price recently bringing them in reach of a lot of amateur and hobbyist photographers. Manufacturers have even brought out whole ranges of entry level DSLR’s to make the transition of moving from point and shoots to DSLR’s easier.

These are 7 reasons out of many for upgrading to a DSLR. But choosing to upgrade is not for everyone, point and shoot cameras can produce some fantastic images and because of there size are great for taking on a day out. I know I will still keep mine for that very reason. At the end of the day it’s down to personal taste and where you want to go next on your journey with photography.


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  1. Oh, I’d love to get my hands on that Canon400 something and trade it with my Ixus. I just can’t imagine lugging around something that big while youre out having cocktails with friends.

  2. I know what you mean that’s why I still have my point and shoot for those occasions. It’s either that or buy a very large handbag!

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