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5 Tips to Inspire Your Photography This Year

So it’s a New Year and some of us may have new cameras to play with? But where is the best place to start with them or where can you go to just find a good resource for them. Here’s some tips to inspire your photography.

Inspire your photography

Or are you in need of some inspiration or direction for your shooting this year, or maybe some ideas for a new project? Well this blog is working continually to become a helpful resource for beginner dslr photographers, and I hope I’ve made a useful list below that may be able to help with some of these questions.


1. I attempted a 365 project a couple of years ago and found it really hard going, taking photographs became a chore and not a pleasure, trying to think of what to take each day. But take a look at this one – mostly365 it’s ran by Lisa Bettany of mostly lisa and I like her take on such a large project. It may just persuade me to try again…

2. Or how about a slightly smaller project like The Joy of Love Project from Willette, it’s a class that will run throughout February and you will receive daily email lessons with photo assignments to do, and also a public Flickr group to share if you want. It’s a great way to try out new skills and practice them in a fun and guided way. And a great chance to meet other photographers and to see what they are doing through the flickr group. If you want to join in just click here.

Useful Resourses

3. It’s very frustrating when you’re looking for helpful information and struggling to find it. Take a look at my own 13 Resources for DSLR Beginners , there’s some good information here for photographers of any ability, or

4. Don’t hit that delete button too quick, and take a look at why you shouldn’t here. I agree as I love the whole photography journey, and if you delete all your mistakes where’s the journey? Everyone started somewhere even Ansel Adams?

5. Or how about some quick tips like these 3 subtle tips to help your photography, from Your Photo Tips.

New Camera Owner?

The best camera is the one you have with you? Have you ever heard that saying? Well it’s true isn’t it! You can’t take a photo if you haven’t got a camera, and if you miss the moment then its gone…

Did you get a new camera for Christmas? I was lucky enough to get an ipod Touch 4th gen which now has a camera (and video camera) included. I love it! you’ll be hearing a lot more about my new addition.

I love photography and I’m passionate about pictures and taking them, and I especially love the fact that this hobby has a journey that you can make your own thanks to digital innovation!


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  3. The iPhone 4 camera is great! A vast improvement to the 3rd generation. I can’t get enough of Hipstmatic. This little app has helped me see every image in a different light.

  4. Thanks Mandy, what a great post. We sometimes develop tunnel vision and its nice to get a new breath of air to get our creative juices going. Great stuff!

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