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3 Ways to Easily Find Photography Inspiration…

Are you ever hungry but don’t know what you want to eat?

I know that happens to me!

It can also happen with my photography, I want to go out shooting but I don’t know what I want to shoot, landscape, urban, close-up, family?

So when I’m in a rut like that, then I tend to use one of these 3 tips to help me easily find photography inspiration:

1. Online Photo Sites

I’ll jump on Flickr or Pinterest and browse through their ‘explore’ or ‘what’s hot’ sections and just see what jumps off the screen at me.

I love looking at images as well as shooting them so this is an easy one for me. There’s lots of other sites besides these two and a lot of them have groups/communities you can join. Google+ has a great photography community as well…

2. The best camera is the one you have with you

I’ll always have a camera on me whenever I go out. Whether I’m dropping the kids at school or going to the shops, something will catch my eye and I’ll take a quick shot.

Now don’t have visions of me walking down the street with a huge rucksack trying to go in the greengrocers? There’s nothing wrong with camera phones, in fact these days I think there’re just as good as a point and shoot. And I always have my phone on me! (killed 2 birds with 1 stone!).

3. Inspiration folder

I tend to pick things up as I go along from magazines, newspapers, postcards etc… that catch my eye. And put them altogether in a folder so I can look through them for inspiration when I’m stuck. Ok, they might not be in a folder and they might be stuffed in my bookcase, but you know what I mean!

This is also a great way of realising what kind of photography you like if you’re not sure. Look through what you’ve cut out, is there a recurring theme like a lot of animals, or landscapes, buildings, night shots, close ups etc…

Do you have other ways you use to help you easily find photography inspiration? Let us know in the comments below…


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