DSLR Photography Tips for Beginners

3 Most Important DSLR Photography Tips for Beginners

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So what are the 3 most important DSLR photography tips for beginners? I’ve looked at 12 tips for beginners before now, but that’s a lot of information to get a grip on. So I thought I’d break it down to a more manageable 3 most important tips, and the best place to start. They compliment each other nicely. And link into …

The Photographer Blog's YouTube channel

The Photographer Blog’s YouTube Channel is Live!

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The Photographer Blog’s YouTube channel is Live, it’s finally here! And it’s something that I’ve been planning for a while. At the end of the day photography is a visual medium. So it’s better to be able to show you how to do something rather than write about it. When it comes to photography tips, it would be even better …

Cherry Blossom - capturing spring before it disappears

Capturing Spring before it disappears

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Spring So I was thinking about seasons the other day, and I’d have to say that Spring is my favourite season. Especially watching spring flowers coming up. The sun is getting a little warmer after winter, and colour is appearing everywhere with flowers and tree blossom. It’s just nice to go for a walk and not have a coat on. …